Beginnings of the Departmentof Information and Materials Sciencesreach the year 1959. Then, with the initiative of the Rector of the Higher School of Pedagogy, Professor doctor J. Pieter, a separate Unit was formed at the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The Unit initially included two chairs – The Chair of Technical Education and the Chair of General Technology.

In 1964, the Unit was transformed into an independent Department of Technical Education and at the moment of the University of Silesia establishment (1968), the Department was included in new organizational structure of the University, changing its name to the Department of Technology in 1971. This name was valid till 2003, when by the Resolution of the University Senate of 4th of March 2003, the Department changed its name to the current one: the Department of Information and Materials Sciences.

Within the Department, two fields of research activity are being developed: information science and materials science. They run full time studies, evening  and extra-mural ones and also PhD studies, post-graduate studies and courses. The Department has rights to award academic degrees of: Doctor of Technical Sciences in the field of materials engineering (since 1987), Habilitated Doctor of Technical Sciences in the field of material engineering (since 2000) and Doctor of Technical Sciences in the field of information science (since2002).

The Department had begun its activity in Katowice, however in 1975 it was transferred to Sosnowiec acquiring buildings on Zeromskiego, Sucha, Śnieżna and the 3rd of May Streets, followed by a building on Będzińska Street (rooms which are in the building of the Earth Sciences Department as well as the newly renovated Students’ Dormitory No. 1). The Institute of Materials Sciences still has its seat in Katowice.


The Deans of the Department were respectively:

  •     prof. dr hab. inż. M. Janusz,
  •     doc. dr inż. Sławomir Wilk,
  •     prof. dr hab. inż. Józef Wąsowski,
  •     doc. dr Jerzy Siechowski,
  •     doc. dr Julian Dudek,
  •     prof. dr hab. inż. Jan Piecha,
  •     prof. zw. dr hab. inż. Henryk Morawiec,
  •     prof. zw. dr hab. Eugeniusz Łągiewka,
  •     dr hab. Marian Surowiec,
  •     prof. UŚ dr hab. inż. Z. Wróbel,
  •     prof. UŚ dr hab. Jan Ilczuk

Currently, the Dean of the Departmentof Information and Materials Sciences is prof. dr hab. Danuta Stróż.